100 days design challenge

To me, practicing is one of the best ways to learn. I started this 100 days UI design challenge because I want to improve my visual design skill. As a product designer, I still love the constraints of real-life problems. Therefore, I still want to give myself certain limitations while designing.

The login screen is ordinary but essential because it can express the first impression of the brand or the product to users. As for this challenge, I want to design for one of my favorite fashion brands, Dior. To get an in-depth view of the brand, the existing visual style, and their current trend, I watched and got inspired by their Haute Couture collection.

I re-designed the checkout process of the Loom project. Keep the original color scheme and design language, but improve the whole experience by proving users more information like step indicator and subtotal payment amount.

BMI Calculator A BMI calculator designed for infant. I chose yellow and salmon pink as the main colors to convey the feeling of softness and cuteness.  

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