👋 Hello! I’m Yating - masters of MHCI+D at UW and former UX designer at Bytedance and Haier. I am passionate about creating and crafting better experiences for people.


Product design

Helping parents of children with Trichotillomania maintain their condition over time.

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Shared Folder Re-design

UX Design work @Bytedance

Re-designing the shared folder feature of Lark Space to provide more flexibility and capability to users on sharing and managing their files.

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Real Estate Visualization

Interactive information visualization

Helping first-time homebuyers who are interested in buying a home in Washington or California to obtain useful information in an efficient way.

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Explore Current

Interactive game design

An exhibition playground that encourages children to explore electricity by assembling large scale circuits and navigate an immersive world.

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User research

Helping independent designers connect with international manufacturers to bring their ideas to life.

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